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Nancy Robertson 

Table Work & Hair Flowers

Nancy Robertson, hair artist from Kansas City, is one of only a few known artists across the country still practicing this curious art. In addition to appearing at numerous museums and state historic sites in the midwest, her hair art was profiled in a special story on Fox 4 television news. She has attained national recognition with Victorian Decorating and Lifestyle magazine's article on hairwork in June 1996. Her work is also featured in The Encyclopedia of Hairwork Jewelry. She has created keepsakes for clients all across the United States.

"I started practicing hairwork because of the pleasure it brought to me.  I never dreamed it would be a way to bring such pleasure to others. I enjoy the personal stories that go along with the hair, and I have been surprised at how many people have saved hair - their own as well as others. I have made pieces for people out of every family member's hair, friend's hair, even dog hair.  Hairwork still holds the same magic for me as when I gazed at my first piece. Each piece seems to portray it's own personality just like the people it represents. I have learned that hairwork is not only a beautiful art form, but a documentation of life and love."

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This is a picture of a table with the
weights and bobbins ready to start
the Hair Art

This is Nancy in a Period Costume Creating
Hair Work on the Table


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