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Melanie Mead

Hair Flowers & Cutwork

Shown at right is  recent work, using
two different techniques for hair art.  It was
made for a woman as a memorial to her
mother, whose hair was used in the roses. 
The leaves were made with the daughter's

I have been doing hair art for about 6 years, starting with hairflowers and just lately trying my hand at cutwork (palette work).

Each time I work a hairflower, I'm amazed at how simple the basic form is, yet so versatile that you can replicate a wide variety of flowers.

Even more amazing to me is how such a simple, beautiful and sentimental art form could have
been left out of history books and needlework crafts.

With today's materials available, it's exciting to see hairwork taking on new looks, while
maintaining its original elegance.  It's a privilege to be a part of bringing this loving art into the 21st Century

Melanie: is not currently producing hair art for sale.  


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