Victorian Hair Artists Guild

Lucy Cadwallader

Table Worked Jewelry

Flat plait bracelets with sterling silver
leaf findings.
If sending your hair, hair length must be at least
double your wrist size, amount the width of a pencil.
Pattern can also be used to make a choker.
Original Civil War era bracelet
w/six open weave Lacey Pattern
cones replaced. Original findings
can be used to recreate an
antique keepsake.
Six sterling silver lockets in which to choose
basket weave or table woven hair.
Round, oval w/scalloped frame, teardrop,
hexagon or square (trapezoid not in photo).
Hair must be at least 2 1/2 inches in length
Dark Brown Acorn Earrings
can be mounted with a
cone finding or small
gold filled beads.


Sterling silver ring with band
of woven hair inserted in channel
ring sizes 6-9. Hair must be at least
12 inches in length.
Individual hair flower can be made with human or horse hair inserted under glass in a small wooden jewelry or keepsake box.

Men's watch chain done in spiral weave with original findings.  When providing hair, length of the chain will be half of the original length of hair. Prices vary according to length of hair and whether original findings are requested.

Bracelets:  Bottom left is a  bead covered open weave.  In the middle is a blonde open weave teardrop bracelet and the double-open weave bracelet can be woven w/two, three or more bands in a variety of colors. Price depends upon number of bands requested and gold/silver closure. 

One-of-a-kind jewelry.Tri-colored bow, white horse hair, brown human and blonde human hair.  Hair colors will vary according to availability of hair also findings/locket will vary according to availability. Price range depending upon findings

These are called
Open weave ball earrings with Gold filled beads (brown hair pictured).  Hair can be supplied by designer or donated (at least 8 inches long). 


Light Brown Acorn Earrings with matching watch hair chain.  
Original watch findings can be used (as pictured) or new.
Ball bracelet and earring set made from blonde hair.  The earrings  can be made with a double or single ball.  
A necklace of the same pattern can accompany the ensemble.
Original Victorian bracelet was repaired with new woven hair.
Two flat plait ring patterns are used on the outside edges and an open weave pattern connects all three pieces of woven hair. pattern is sewn


Close up photograph of Blonde Hair Ball Necklace. 
Four separate groups of balls are attached at the
connectors to lengthen the necklace.
Hair lengths of 28" or more would be necessary for the weaving
of this necklace.  Hair extensions can be purchased to
match your hair color.
Flat plait horsehair hat band.  
Please send cleaned tail hair only.
Specify whether you would like gold-looking metal or silver &
diameter of hat at hat band area.

Meet Victorian Hair Jeweler Lucy Cadwallader

Lucy Cadwallader has a unique way of reaching across time and tying families together.  Through the art of Victorian hair jewelry, Lucy is able to take the hair of loved ones and create intricate pieces of jewelry.  Jewelry of all kinds such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and brooches can be created using human or horse hair.

Hair jewelry can be dated back to the 1500's. These early pieces were worn to remind people of their mortality. Over the years, hair jewelry has gone in and out of style as many fashions do.  The meaning and symbolism has also changed over time and the jewelry is now a means to keep loved ones close to us. At the time of the American Civil War, hair jewelry became popular once more as women wore the hair of husbands and sons in brooches and lockets, while soldiers may have a watch chain made from the hair of a loved one back at home.