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Post Card with Hair

Jewelry made with hair is dated back to at least the 1600's, when hair bracelets were given as love tokens by both men and women.  During this time one was likely to find the hair placed under glass and used as a background for initials or some other personal symbol to the wearer.  Hair jewelry stayed popular  until the late 1800's.  Many people today believe that hair jewelry was made only for the purpose of remembering a deceased loved one.  While that was one function of hair jewelry, many pieces were also made for sentimental reasons, as tokens of affection.

Queen Victoria gave pieces of jewelry made from her hair as gifts, many of these pieces were given to her children and grandchildren.  Napoleon wore his watch on a chain made from the hair of his wife, Empress, Marie Louise.

Hair was valued for sentimental reasons at a time when there were no photographs.  In lieu of photographs, young girls kept scrapbooks of their schoolmate's hair, usually with a name and verse to go with it identifying whose hair it was.

In the late 1800's and early 1900's, postcards and valentines were sent with hair attached.  The sentimental sender would glue locks of their hair onto specially made postcards, (a picture of a beautiful woman) and send it to someone as a keepsake.

Today there are only a few Hair Artists who are making this type of jewelry.  There are no schools where one can go for instructions, so this art is self taught.  An enormous amount  of time is spent learning the different techniques.  Hair Art like any other art is a constantly evolving process.

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