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Wooly Mammoth Hair on Ivory
This pendant is the only one of it's kind in the world.  It is made using Woolly Mammoth hair and placed on a piece of  ivory from a Woolly Mammoth.  The hair and  ivory are approximately 10,000 years old and were found in Siberia.  This was a very special project to make and I was awestruck that I could be making something from the hair and tusks of an animal that had roamed the earth 10,000 or more years ago.

Palette Work/Cutwork & Sepia Painting

Sandra Johnson

I have been creating palette work jewelry for the last six years.  Sepia painting has been added to my creations in the last two years.

I became interested in Hair Art by accident.  My parents gave me an antique hair receiver, which I quickly filled up with my long hair.  I wondered what the Victorians did with the hair once they had saved it and in researching the answer to this question, I found hair jewelry and immediately fell in love with this art form.  I felt a special affinity for palette/cutwork hair flowers.

Once co-workers and the public saw the creations I was wearing, they were asking for similar items for themselves, and my jewelry business was born.

I take great pleasure in creating these unique pieces and each one is crafted with infinite patience so that every hair is as perfect as I can get it.  No two are ever exactly alike even though the same design may be chosen.  Since everyone's hair is different in texture and shade, each pendant is as unique as the person  it is made for.

My latest creations have explored the realm of tinting the hair, and creating pieces that mimic the real life flowers.  I have found that only the lightest hair will show the tint well, but the pieces are unique and pretty.  Hair art is traditionally created using hair in its natural color. 

My work has been featured in the January 2006 Edition of "The Crazed Collector", and in the book "Mourning Art & Jewelry", by  Maureen DeLorme.  My clients have spanned the United States, Western Europe and Australia. 

I am the founder and creator of the Victorian Hair Artists Guild.  Very few people are currently creating hair art today, and few people know it exists.  This site is intended to help in the linking of persons wishing to have a piece of hair art made, with an artist who is able to create it for them, and to explain the different techniques used in the creation of these pieces.

In the October 2006 issue of WWD Accessories Edition, an article announced a collaboration of myself and Alexis Bittar.  He is exclusively selling select pieces in his New York Boutique.  Alexis  has an interest in vintage jewelry and that comes through in his designs and collections. 
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This is an antique hair receiver, in which women  would save their hair for the hairwork.
The hole in the center of the lid is where they would poke the hair in.
The lid  lifts  off when they were ready to use the hair they had saved.

These are examples of Hair Art, pictures that hangs on the wall.
Many older pictures are around 6" or so in diameter.

The heart is about 9" and the Basket with flowers is 8" x 10".
Both pictures are made using the hair from only one person.

Lockets of Hair

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